From the Flight Deck | CommutAir Pilots Share Their Experience


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Every pilot selects an airline for different reasons. Size, culture, base locations, pay…all can play a factor depending on the pilot’s home life and unique circumstances.  We’ve asked our pilots to share some of their reasons for joining the CommutAir Family and what they enjoy about being part of it. Check back, more interviews to come!


Q&A: “Positivity is Contagious” – First Officer Greta James (2/28/2020)

Q&A: “If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Doing It Wrong” – Captain Octavious Gibbons (2/13/2020)

Q&A: “I’ve Never Felt Drawn To Leave” – Captain & Line Check Pilot Don Martel Retires from C5 This Year (1/2/2020)

Feature: Flight Crews Become Family When Flying for CommutAir (10/1/2019)

Q&A: Direct Entry Captain Robert Scheu Shares His Experience (9/24/2019)



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Revised 3/10/2020