CommutAir is rewarding pilots with previous 121/135 experience by offering a $50,000 sign-on bonus (paid in full before you start your first day of training), immediate upgrades, and a direct path to United Airlines via the Aviate Program.

We value pilots with previous experience and reward them with top-tier compensation and the fastest path to a United Airlines flight deck.  Eligible pilots will receive a $50,000 sign-on bonus and immediate captain upgrade opportunities, and up to $122,000 in year one benefits and compensation. Want to speak to a recruiter? Call 440-462-0692 or email

A Direct-Entry Captain Shares His Story

Captain Qualifications

  • At least 23 years of age
  • High School Diploma or equivalent experience
  • 1,000 Hours as PIC in Part 135 passenger operations or SIC in Part 121 operations (FAR 121.436)
  • ATP with current Instrument Rating
  • Current First Class Medical
  • FCC Radio Operator's Permit
  • 20 hours flown in the last 12 months

Your Flight Plan to the Left Seat and United Airlines

  • Complete the contact form below or apply via Airline Apps
  • Interview with a recruiter at CommutAir Headquarters in Cleveland, OH
  • Successful background check and Captain Review Board
  • Receive class date for Initial Training
  • Begin training as a Captain
  • Interview with United Airlines and enter United’s Aviate Program
  • Fly at least 1500 hours and complete a minimum of 24 months of service (including 12 months as Captain)
  • Receive a United Airlines class date
  • Up To $2,500 Referral Bonus - Paid to any CommutAir employee who recommends a pilot candidate who interviews and completes Initial Pilot Training.
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) - Company supplied iPad for use as EFB offers pilots a digitized interface for navigational charts, aircraft checklists, and other aircraft/operating manuals.
  • Industry Leading Commuter Benefits - Skip crash pads with CommutAir right after Reserve. 4 company-paid hotel rooms per month to all registered commuter pilots in addition to our unlimited “make a good faith effort to get to work” commuter policy and company paid parking at your home airport.
  • Preferential Bidding System - CommutAir uses NavBlue for crew bidding so you can customize your bid per your individual needs, based on your seniority.
  • No-Cost ATP/CTP Course - If you need it, we will pay for it - travel, lodging, course fee, and FAA exam fee.

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  • Paid in full before you start your first day of training!
  • Up to $122,000 in year one benefits and compensation

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  • The new aviate program elevates, enhances, and replaces the career path program (CPP)

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