We are hiring pilots who demonstrate and exemplify our core4 values of offering Safe, Caring, Dependable and Efficient service at our bases in Denver, Houston and Washington Dulles

Pilots with applicable Part 121/135 hours are eligible for immediate upgrades during Basic Indoc. Captain-qualified pilots can flow straight to United Airlines through the Aviate Program. ⁠Direct Entry Captain slots available with first year pay up to $136,000+.

  • Captain Year One Pay - $84.00
  • Captain Year Two Pay - $85.26
  • Per Diem – $1.95
  • 100% Deadhead and Cancellation pay
  • 75-hour monthly guarantee
  • Paid Training

** Limited number of awards during Basic Indoc, so apply now! **

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CommutAir is proud to be a United Express partner for Aviate, United Airlines’ pilot development program. CommutAir pilots who are in Aviate can flow straight to United Airlines through the Aviate Program.

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Pilot Benefits:

  • An opportunity for stability & growth:
    • Long term flying agreement with United Airlines as sole ERJ145 operator
    • Expanding network driving upgrade and advancement opportunities (Line Check/Instructor pilot)
    • Proud partner of United Airlines AVIATE program
  • $20,000 First Officer Sign-On Bonus
  • First Officer Year One Pay - $51.00
  • $50,000 Captain Sign-On Bonus
  • Captain Year One Pay - $84.00
  • Per Diem – $1.95
  • New 1:2 Longevity Pay – Get paid for your experience
  • Company-Sponsored Commuter Travel Program
  • Four company paid commuter rooms monthly
  • 401K contributions up to 16% matched 50% by company
  • Company-Paid iPad (EFB)/Industry leading Commuter benefits/Preferential Bidding System
  • Employee Pass Travel privileges with access to United Airlines global route network
  • Company paid ATP/CTP course
  • DEN / IAD / IAH – Our crew bases are at United hubs – one hop away from most airports


Pilot Media:

Learn about our various pilot programs by listening to Carl Valeri’s Aviation Careers Podcast. You can access the podcast via this link: http://www.aviationcareerspodcast.com/acp215-commutair-a-program-for-every-pilot/


ATP Flight School & Flying Magazine featured CommutAir First Officers and Captains. Check out their story

Pilot Qualifications:

(Preferential Interviews for United and United Express Partners will be provided. Prior FAR 121/Embraer 145 experience and/or AVIATE participants preferred)

  • FAA ATP or Restricted ATP certificate holder
  • FCC Restricted Radio Operator's Permit
  • IFR and Landing current
  • Current First Class Medical
  • Valid Passport
  • Authorization to work in the US and travel in and out of the country without restriction

See all ATP and R-ATP Requirements

Pilot Marketing Flyers:

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