Record 2 Years 10 Days
From CommutAir Indoc to United Airlines Indoc

Pathway to United Airlines in Three Easy Steps

1. Apply

Select CommutAir and United Airlines as your target airlines on airlineapps, or simply send a resume to a recruiter at

2. Interview Process

After a successful CommutAir interview and intial training, complete United's Job Fit Assessment. Provided the Job Fit Assessment was successful, you may schedule your United interview immediately.

3. Build Flight Time

Complete the required flight time while        maintaining a acceptable performance                        and training record with us; then enter                        the United hiring pool and  await your                    United Airlines class date.

United Airlines Career Path Program - A Pathway To Success

If you want to fly for United Airlines, CommutAir has the best way to get there!

The United Career Path Program (CPP) is designed to identify talented CommutAir pilot recruits and place them on a direct path to a United Airlines flight deck.

United’s Career Path Program has two simple goals:
  • Help steer top-notch CommutAir pilots to United Airlines.
  • Provide talented CommutAir pilots with a direct path to United Airlines.
Am I eligible for the CPP? If you answer yes to the statements below, you are eligible for the CPP.
  • Employed by CommutAir.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. However, you will not be eligible for hire at United until you have obtained a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or obtained other applicable credentials acceptable to United Airlines.
  • Have a training performance record that is acceptable to United.
  • Have an employment record and history that is acceptable to United.
  • Complete at least twelve months of active service as a pilot with CommutAir.
  • Complete a job fit assessment (Hogan) with a score that is acceptable to United.
  • Sign a release permitting United Airlines access to relevant work records on file with CommutAir.
  • Successfully complete an interview with a representative of United Airlines and the United Job Fit Assessment administered by Hogan Assessments. 
How and when do I get hired by United Airlines?
  • United Airlines must be hiring pilots.
  • You must have flown either 1,000 hours as Pilot-in-Command or 3,000 hours total in service to CommutAir.
  • Complete at least one initial qualification evaluation and one continuing qualification evaluation at CommutAir.
  • Remain in continued compliance with the eligibility requirements listed above.
  • Complete any professional development activities required by CommutAir and United Airlines.
  • Meet United Airlines new hire pilot minimum qualifications.
  • Satisfactorily complete other customary United pre-employment screening requirements like a background investigation and drug screening test.
  • You will not need to complete another interview but must receive a “Recommend” for hire by the United CPP Administrator and United’s Pilot Selection Board, after completing a final performance review of the standards set forth in this CPP program.

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