Company Life: Virtual Run/Walk/Bike Cruises the Route Map

July 1 through August 31



September 1, 2020 – FINAL RECAP

The CommutAir Route Map Cruise challenge concluded at just the right time. We’re adding a new base in Houston, and the HR and Recruiting team has been sifting through the thousands of applicants for flight crew, maintenance, and corporate positions!

This fun challenge got them out and about during a period of COVID isolation. The team made it all the way around the route map once and made decent progress to Albany a second time.

All together, they traveled an impressive 1,588 miles this summer.


August 17, 2020 WEEK  7 RECAP

The team finished the route and started lap 2! With much to be grateful for, they really took the time to take in the wonderful world around them.

  • Cassie accrued more than 48 miles this week.
  • It was super close between Team Captain Megan (23.44 miles), VP Laura (20.73 miles) and  Onboarding Specialist Bryan (20.69 miles).

There’s still 2 weeks left in the challenge and the team has a lot to consider: If they do this next year, the route will be much bigger….it will include Houston! To join the growing C5 Family, visit our Careers page. 


August 10, 2020 WEEK 6 RECAP

There were plenty of distractions this week and the team didn’t quite make it back to headquarters.

All 12 participants have been working hard this summer but Recruiter Cassie is in a DISTANT first place. She’s amassed 458 miles!

  • Team Captain Megan 199 miles
  • Patty 158 miles
  • Bryan 124 miles
  • Laura 115 miles

This week, high temps, humidity, and job responsibilities threaten their progress. Just two weeks are left!


August 3, 2020 WEEK 5 RECAP

The team has almost made it home to North Olmsted! Team captain Recruiter Megan pushed everyone to the best overall week yet.  She came in second this week, biking 56.11 miles in the park where she saw a large buck. No surprise here, Recruiter Cassie is in the lead with 99.77 miles this week alone! In third place, Bryan with an impressive 39.66 miles. A big shout out goes to Recruiting Manager Petra, who ran her very first 5k this week!

The canine crew was also at it again. Except Dudley. He’s aiming for most naps instead of most miles.

July 27, 2020 WEEK 4

Sun’s out, tongue’s out! Another week goes to the dogs. Mya met up with her best friend Jake and the pair took their humans on a 4-mile hike. Chico kept stopping to take selfies. New canine addition Dudley blames his short legs for not contributing the mileage.

The team is now halfway through the route map, nearing Dulles. Recruiter Cassie can’t be stopped — she leads with just over 297 miles. Megan is holding 2nd with 130.7 miles, and Senior Payroll Specialist Patty is in a close third with 116.7 miles.

With more than a month left in the challenge, it seems likely the team will make it all the way around, and then some. But will the hot temperatures slow them down?

New puppy Dudley.

July 20, 2020 WEEK 3

Even though temperatures soared into the 90s locally, the team passed Albany, stopping just shy of the Newark base.

July 13, 2020 WEEK 2

During the second week of the challenge, 10 degrees hotter on average, the team beat last week’s total distance by 70 miles and is almost to ALB.

Recruiter Megan ran 6 miles, a personal best. Her pup Mya got in on the action.

Waffles Prince was dismayed to learn her doggy paddle didn’t count towards the final mileage, but we’re pretty sure she had fun anyway.

With some of the team on vacation this week, and another member out on medical….will they finally make it to Albany?


July 6, 2020 WEEK 1

The team has collectively “traveled” 162 miles and is well on their way to Albany from our North Olmsted (CLE) headquarters. Recruiter Cassie is carrying the team, having traveled nearly 80 miles herself!  Coming in 2nd is VP of HR Laura, with Recruiters Bryan and Leath too close to call for 3rd place.





July 1, 2020

The CommutAir family’s human resources department wanted to get active and get moving this summer. As a team, they’ve pledged to walk, run, bike, or swim the equivalent distance of the entire CommutAir route system, base to base. All told, that’s 1,260 miles!

“Daily steps don’t count,” said recruiter Megan Slane, team captain. “We’ve got to push ourselves to do something EXTRA.”

Open to the entire department, there are currently 11 participants, operating under the team name “Going the Distance”. Each member is required to track their progress using a app called Runkeeper. They have to submit proof of their progress weekly to Megan, who’ll update the official tracker.

There are several distance runners on the team. “I predict we’ll actually go around 3 times,” said recruiter Cassie Outcalt, who happens to be one of them.

The team’s progress will be shared on the company’s social media platforms. You can follow them by watching the hashtags: #CommutAirRoute #CruiseWithC5 #GoingtheDistance.

Not on social media? Check back here for updates and photos.