Do I have to participate in the CPP to fly for CommutAir?
  • No.  Participation in the CPP is strictly voluntary.
When am I eligible to enroll for the CPP?
  • Employed as a line pilot by CommutAir
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent. However, you will not be eligible for hire at United until you have obtained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or obtained other applicable credentials acceptable to United Airlines.
  • Have an application on file with United Airlines.
What is the interview process with United Airlines?
  • Successfully complete the United Job Fit Assessment administered by Hogan Assessments and an interview with a representative of United Airlines. No technical evaluation is necessary for CPP participants.
What are the requirements to get hired by United Airlines through the CPP?
  • Sign a release permitting United Airlines access to relevant work records on file with CommutAir.
  • CommutAir training performance record that is acceptable to United.
  • Employment record and history that is acceptable to United.
  • At least twelve months of active service as a pilot with CommutAir.
  • 1,000 hours as Pilot-in-Command or 3,000 hours total in service to CommutAir.
  • Complete at least one initial qualification evaluation and one continuing qualification evaluation at CommutAir.
  • Satisfactorily complete other customary United pre-employment screening requirements like a background investigation and drug screening test.
  • Complete any professional development activities required by CommutAir and United Airlines.
When do I get hired by United Airlines?
  • When you meet the flight time, service time and other eligibility requirements above.
  • You meet United Airlines new hire pilot minimum qualifications (i.e. bachelor’s degree, ATP).
  • When United is hiring you will not need to complete another interview, but your records will be reviewed by United Airlines’ Pilot Board of Review for final approval prior to receiving a conditional employment offer.
CommutAir CPP participants have graduated to a United class as soon as they meet the flight time requirements


How is the CPP different from other airline flow or pathway programs?
  • As long as United Airlines is hiring pilots, Program Participants who meet minimum service (1,000 PIC hours) and eligibility criteria will be offered conditional employment at United Airlines, subject to annual maximum and minimum numbers of pilots. There is no further interviewing or screening of Program Participants other than customary and federally mandated background checks.
What does the future hold for pilot hiring at United Airlines?
  • On average, United will need to replace approximately 500 pilots retiring at age 65 per year for the next twenty years. This does not account for potential growth of the airline.
What if I can get hired by United faster through their traditional pilot hiring process?
  • Flying for CommutAir in no way restricts your ability to interview with United, at the earliest available opportunity.  CommutAir pilots who apply to United Airlines through AirlineApps.com will remain active in United’s applicant database and will be given the same consideration as any other candidate.  In other words, if you can get to United sooner through its traditional hiring process, this program will not prevent you from doing so.
I’m interested – what do I do now?
  • If you’re considering employment as a pilot for CommutAir, the first step is to apply online at Airline Apps.  Further detail related to the CPP will be discussed during the interview or you may send questions to pilotrecruiting@commutair.com

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