Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Flight Attendant

Can I pick my base? Our bases are located in Newark, New Jersey and Dulles (D.C. area), Virginia. We cannot promise that you will be based in the city of your choosing, however, we try to accommodate your request as best we can in conjunction with operational needs. If you are based in Newark but […]

Alphabet Soup: A Starter Guide of Airline Industry Terminology

If you’ve been to an airport, you know flight crews have their own language. There’s terminology used, and a shorthand, that makes communicating with dispatch, maintenance, and even passengers more efficient. If you’re thinking about becoming a Flight Attendant, or starting ANY job in the airline industry, you’ll need to learn how to speak the […]

[VIDEO] CommutAir Has First ERJ145 to Receive New Livery

Earlier this year, United Airlines launched a new color pallet and updated its livery. Since then, CommutAir, a United Express carrier, has eagerly awaited the color change on its fleet of Embraer 145s. In mid-October, the time finally came. CommutAir (C5) Tail #N16147 headed to Amarillo, Texas, where it received the star treatment by International […]

Flight Crews Become Family When Flying for CommutAir

Captain Lamont Tillery, First Officer D’Troy Pastor, and Flight Attendant Ashley Marroquin have a remarkable chemistry, the kind that forms when you truly enjoy the company of your coworkers. They are quick to laugh and tease one another, too, just like family. Together, the three of them are responsible for as many as 50 passengers […]