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Regional connection US regional carriers play a crucial role in the American air transport system. But will increasingly serious staffing problems affecting many of those airlines lead to economic thrombosis? Alan Dron reports

Offering Pilots the Fastest Path to United Airlines

That’s right! Last month, CommutAir set the air speed record for the fastest time to send a pilot to United Airlines through the Career Path Program (CPP). Captain Mike, who joined the company in January 2016, as a First Officer, springboarded to United in February 2018 – after just 2 years and 10 days! Many of you have asked “How come?” and “Will I get to do the same?” The answers are simple:

CommutAir likes NEO landing spot

It wasn't until last Thursday, Feb. 15, that travelers could once again board an airplane operated by CommutAir at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, even though the regional air carrier moved its corporate headquarters to North Olmsted last year.